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The SoundShirt



The SoundShirt is basically a HugShirt Pro, it can be used for music and videogames and it creates more immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences.


    • Rechargeable (USB-C)
    • Q App controlled
    • Haptics (touch communication)
    • Oekotex certified textiles
    • No wires! Only smart fabrics.
    • Designed in London
    • RoHS, FCC, CE, Certified
    The SoundShirt features 30 micro-actuators embedded in the fabric of the garment, these actuators receive wirelessly and in real-time the sound, transformed in touch data, that is captured by the mobile Q app. Creating a fully immersive feeling for anyone who wants to enjoy music while on the move or while playing a videogame. Sound comes to life as a language composed of a series of haptic (touch-like) sensations across the torso of the person wearing the shirt.
    The design of the shirt is comfortable and made of soft stretch fabric, there are no wires in the garment as it is built using the most advanced smart textiles and wearable technology. All of the conductive pathways within the garment are composed of woven conductive textiles that are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the garment.
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