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Twirkle Instructions

The shortest instruction booklet ever
The Twirkle only has 1 button to do everything you need


Charge your Twirkle Brain via USB before snapping it into your Twirkle T-Shirt.

The Twirkle Brain light indicator is orange when charging and green when charged (you will see the LED light nearby the USB plug)

Plug the provided USB cable into your Twirkle Brain and your computer USB port to charge your Twirkle.


To turn ON your Twirkle Brain, hold down the switch button for a few seconds.

A white light turns on and then it will blink every 4 seconds to let you know that it is ON.

When you want to switch it OFF hold the switch button for
a few seconds, the white light will blink 3 times very fast and then go OFF (this white LED is visible nearby the USB plug)

When “ON” snap your Twirkle Brain into the Twirkle T-Shirt pocket before wearing it.


The Twirkle Brain snaps into your Twirkle T-Shirt to power it up (and features a really cool sensor that captures

your movement and changes the color of the LEDs in your Twirkle T-Shirt)

Make sure that the 6 snap buttons are all snapped into the
6 receivers hidden into the Twirkle T-Shirt pocket 
(look inside your t-shirt to find the pocket, it has a + sign on it)

Start moving and your Twirkle will sparkle and glow! 

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